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EBISU is a dynamic team of qualified specialists on accessibility which has been operating on national and international level since several years.
We well know the communication needs of people with hearing loss as well as we are aware of the needs of people with visual disabilities.
We have a long-standing experience of Universal Access, considering all its different nuances and putting our efforts into the sphere of access to information and education, to everyday life and, in general, to social life. Here, then, our activities revolves around developing and implementing accessibility all around.
In carrying out our activities, we are cooperating with leading national and international institutions, organisations and use the most cutting-edge technology to provide a high standard for any kind of service.

EBISU was born on 2016 June,1 to promote accessibility for people with sensory disabilities (visually and hearing impaired people) mainly through audio description, captioning and subtitling, speech-to-text reporting, and sign language (LIS - Italian Sign Language - and IS - International Sign Language).

Since several years, our staff is working in accessibility with excellent results in accessibility, providing advice, managing and coordinating accessible activities in different contexts and for various events. Alongside these activities, EBISU continues to produce and offer, with conviction and dedication, audio description, captions, STTR as well as sign interpreting in a professional manner for different kinds of events, including ensuring the technical part and the recording of audio description (using human voice recording as well as the latest generation voice synthesis, too), with qualified technical support and in cooperation with leading experts.

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We call AudioDescription, video description, described video, or more precisely visual description an the additional narration track added to an audiovisual product with the aim to provide a translation of visual information to audio for blind and visually impaired. It consists of a narrator talking through the presentation, describing what is happening on the screen or stage during the natural pauses in the audio. This can be a pre-recorded narration, speech synthesis or a live commentary.
Providing an AudioDescription in media, theater or during an event allows an accessible way for those people who otherwise lack full access to the content.
In museums or art exhibitions, audio described tours are used to provide access to all sort of content for visitors who are blind or have low vision. Audio description of sport events such as the olympic games or soccer matches becoming more common.

We are providing you the full service around AudioDescription:

  • We evaluate your content and together with you agree on the right form and medium to provide AudioDescription.
  • Then we create the audio description in a form suitable to your presentation. (Video) We provide you a complete audio track to be included in your publication. (Live event) We provide a list of individual audio recordings for each description and a detailed information when to provide the description.
  • We assist you also in providing the description to your users. We join your event and live broadcast the created descriptions using the newest technology.

Our descriptions are created by professional AudioDescriptionists with specific education and sensitised in the requirements individually for each content and type of user. Usually the professional then also is available during live events to broadcast the descriptions.

We provided a full service on creating AudioDescription and provided the technical realisation during the play “La dodicesima notte di William Shakespeare”. We then realised the whole accessibility service during the performance of “Il Teatro dei SuperPoteri”.

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Subtitles, Captions and realtime speech to text

With a long lasting experience and competence our staff deals with different types and techniques to create subtitles, captions or speech to text reporting and chooses the most appropriate strategy for the needs of both, the user and customers considering the different presentation content and style.

Subtitles and Captions

Subtitling refers to the adapted transcription of dialogues of an audiovisual product such as TV, Cinema or any video. It is not considering hearing disability as in producing subtitles it is assumed that the users does not have any hearing loss and fully understand the source language but need support in this sense.
Captions indicates instead the text adapted and created to transcribe the dialogues of an audiovisual product as well as all the non-verbal audio information that deaf or hard-of-hearing users would not be able to receive otherwise.

We had the pleasure to create the subtitles for hearing and the captions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, each in Italian and English for the cinema production “Il crimine non va in pensione” directed by Fabio Fulco and produced by Stemo Production.
In May 2018 we are going to provide live captions for the theater play “Momo” Michael Ende to be staged by the theater group Prote[M]us at the Torti Theater in Bevagna (PG).

Realtime speech to text

The realtime translation of the spoken word into written text can be provided in many different ways. If by respeaking, steno typing, velo typing or using a standard QWERTY keyboard, all allow to transcribe and adapt an oral text simultaneously to when it is pronounced.
Respeaking uses the high professional speech recognition software administered by a professional who is trained to respeak the original text in the, for a software, easy to understand format including punctuations and formatting.
In case of any typing methodology, the service provider uses the corresponding technique to quickly transcribe what has been said either word by word or in more complex solutions, using short forms and special symbolisation which gets translated to plain text by a software composer.
The various methods have advantages and disadvantages. Our professionals will discover the right input form with you that suits your needs andfit to your event.

The transcription, no matter what input technology has been used, will be provided as a video signal so it can be visualised on a main presentation screen, an additional screen next to a presentation or as captions merged with a presentation. Our team has developed several hard and software solutions to offer you a full service on visualising the text according to your needs. In addition, for all events we offer the possibility for all users to follow the transcript on individual mobile devices using the Polygraf application, a software development in cooperation with the Masaryk University and our team, available free of charge for iPhone and Android.

During the years we offered the STTR service on many occasions. We were able to develop the most flexible solutions for the Futura Festival in Civitanova Marche Alta where not only live events were supported by captions but also were inserted in the live stream from multiple locations and different visualisation forms during the festival.
In February 2018 we provided our services at the Terzo Festival dei Giovani Sordi held in Bologna in 3 parallel locations and for the whole day. It included presentations, videos, music presentations and artistic shows.

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Tactile orientation system

For us at EBISU, the development of indoor orientation systems begins with a structured assessment of the place or building to be made accessible. After having listened to and having considered the needs of both, the customer and the final users, our staff evaluates and informs you about the most suitable interventions, such as:

Door labeling system incl. Braille

We usually suggest to place door labels with information both in black, with linear and easily legible characters, and in Braille near each door and for each entrance.
The size, the structure and the material used to produce the labels as well as the printing layout may vary depending on your choice as well as the characteristics of the room and/or building, according to the position and if the labels are used in- or outdoors.

Accessible orientation maps

The production of accessible maps is based on the building planimetry provided by you. After a detailed study of the structure, we make adaptations to provide a universal and inclusive orientation plan usable by any blind as well as sighted user.

Engraved plastic map Haptic paper map
  • Most usable for permanent installations
  • Long lasting quality
  • Quick and cheap production in high quantities
  • Individual map per user
  • Available in multiple sizes and form-factors

Floor guiding system

We combine a fluorescent base and a haptic element of about 3 cm in width and 1.8 cm in height.

We provide the orientation system as temporary installation for short term events as well as permanent solutions for daily use.

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Training courses

In order to raise awareness about the needs of people with disabilities, we offer intensive courses that include both theoretical and practical activities with the aim of first hand experiencing the challenges that visual or hearing impaired people face in their daily life, the strategies they use to overcome them and in which way others can support them. To give a wide and general overview, our courses consist of a two days program lead by experienced teachers and professionals as well as representatives of the target group.

The course will be adapted according to the aim as well as the audience.

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We always use the latest, most efficient and most performing technology to allow access to art, culture and media. In different occasions and various events we have discovered a great combination of hard- and software to serve the best possible results. Sometimes, however, the existing technology does not meet our specific needs or those of our customers. Then it is necessary to adapt existing solutions or develop new technologies and software.


PosterScan is a quick and easy way to ensure access to information panels and even for exhibitions as well as galleries.
We are offering with this application the possibility to visit a gallery, scan a code, which is provided below the exhibited paintings, and with your mobile you obtain information about the picture, a detailed audio description for the visual impaired as well as a translation of all information in various languages including sign language for the deaf and hard of hearing. This makes it a great tool for universal Access and inclusive accessibility.

PosterScan is used in the Pinacoteca Civica and Galleria d’Arte Moderna Marco Moretti (Marco Moretti's Modern Art Gallery) in Civitanova Marche Alta.


With Speekie you can distribute audio messages within a group of connected receivers such as a phone or tablet. It makes it a great tool to distribute audio descriptions to blind and partially sighted users during a live event such a theatre play or cinema movie. Because the user is using his personal device,and the free to use software available in the AppStore, you have no longer to provide and maintain expansive, propritary solutions. That reduces costs and the need of human resources and at the same time increases the comfort of the user.
Speekie consists of a sender part and a receiver part packed in one application. Once you have connected a tablet or phone as transmitter to your audio equipment and have connected this device to a local wireless network, all users connected to the same network have access to your live stream and experience almost no delay in the transmission.

During the play “La dodicesima notte di William Shakespeare" by “Il Teatro dei SuperPoteri" at the Theatre Persiani in Recanati Speekie was used to provide live AudioDescription to blind and partially sighted visitors


ADplay is a Windows Desktop application to provide an easy solution of distributing AudioDescription to a wide audience within a live performance or event. The application is designed to give quick access to a multitrack collection of descriptions and offers the administrator an easy way on selecting and playing recorded AudioDescriptions right on time during a dynamic event such as a theatre play or concert.

ADplay, in combination with Speekie was used during the play “La dodicesima notte di William Shakespeare" by “Il Teatro dei SuperPoteri" at the Theatre Persiani in Recanati to organise and launch the pre-recorded live audiodescriptions.


The Windows Desktop application BrailleEdit provides a fast solution on preparing braille material by anyone who has access to a braille printer. No long-term preparations on texts and adaptations are required. The application is designed to offer the possibility for translating any text into the required adaptation and send it right away to an INDEX Braille Embosser.
BrailleEdit was developed to create braille prints in a regular office environment without the need of specialised staff to produce material. We offer the application free of charge for anyone who deals with such activities. Please consider the application free to use for any non-profit activity. If you are interested in a commercial use, please contact us.

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If you would like to have information on accessibility for your event, festival, film festival, theater performance, meeting, conference, etc. do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to get in contact and provide details on how captions and/or STTR and AudioDescription can improve your activity, not only for the hearing or visually impaired.

Send us an email, call us to let us know what is on your mind.

EBISU, La via accessibile
di Francesca Cicconi
via Alessandro Manzoni, 118
I-62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)
Telephone: (+39) 348 5663882
Email: info@accessibility-service.info
Fiscal code: CCCFNC83M61E388T
VAT Number: 01918950435

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EBISU - La via accessibile
Francesca Cicconi
via Alessandro Manzoni, 118
62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)

Tel.: (+39) 348 5663882
Email: info@accessibility-service.info

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